Let’s begin… again

It’s been a long time since I posted anything so here I am again! I originally made this a baking blog but it will contain many other aspects of my life. I will still add my baking.

I’m going to start blogging about my goals and maybe that will help me get somewhere.

My first goal is losing some weight! Isn’t that everyone’s goal? I haven’t been doing well at all. I almost ate 2 full boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Anyone else? Me only ok.

Today I decided to wear one of my many waist trainers. I had to buy different sizes for when I gain weight, unfortunately. But I find them on amazon for great prices. Today I was able to wear it for 8 hours. I feel like it also helps with hunger since it doesn’t let your tummy expand. It still gives you some comfort and stretch thought which I love cause I use it when I gain a few.

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